Construction Equipment Management

Manage Equipment Assets and Costs for a Better Bottom Line

Discovering better ways to manage equipment assets is more important than ever. Leading contractors are finding quick return on investments by implementing a contemporary software solution that provides visibility to all profit centers. Managing cost and revenue on equipment is key to success in the competitive construction market and can have a noticeable impact on your bottom line.  


  • Use single step data entry and updates with full integration to V6. 
  • Set-up flexible revenue rates for each piece of equipment. 
  • Easily track location for equipment movement. 
  • View monthly calculations of book depreciation with fixed asset schedules.

Following are the features of Equipment Management created to deliver equipment revenue and cost information to all profit centers from a single point of entry.

Equipment Tracking 

  • Track key master file information including: license, registration, specifications, parts, category, ownership info, etc.
  • Track detailed cost history for the life of the equipment - tune-ups, repair, body work, depreciation, etc. 
  • Optional component tracking (engines, transmissions, tires, etc.) system where components may be moved between pieces of equipment with history maintained. 
  • Track all equipment moves and view full transfer history on transfer screen. 
  • View monthly calculations of book depreciation for warranty tracking based on hour or odometer schedules. 
  • Equipment Revenue & Usage Rate Tracking 
  • Set-up flexible revenue rates – equipment may be charged at hourly, daily, or monthly rate. 
  • Set-up the usage revenue rates by the classification or piece of equipment. 
  • Track revenue history by equipment with additional cost details – fuel, depreciation, repairs, etc. 
  • General Features 
  • Customize flexible templates which provide automatic uploads from industry standard 3rd-party depreciation packages. 
  • Seamless integration with Payroll, Purchase Order, Inventory, Job Cost, Job Billing and General Ledger. 
  • Scheduling and Preventative Maintenance Alerts 
  • Set-up detailed maintenance schedules for equipment – assists with work order program for complete equipment repair and parts and labor management. 
  • Define maintenance schedules with detailed listing of maintenance activities, service descriptions, parts required, estimated hours, etc. 
  • Set-up “auto-use” flag for frequently used parts such as oil, filters, etc. 
  • Receive automatic alerts for parts or components still on warranty during work order set-up. 

General Features 

  • Automatically initialize work orders for maintenance by date, shop equipment, job, etc. 
  • Close multiple work orders with one action. 
  • Update meter readings from various operations in the equipment system. 
  • Enter mechanics’ time to the equipment or component within the equipment by cost item. 
  • Calculate mechanics’ labor burden on an exact basis or as percentage of labor.

Equipment Management is a key module of fully integrated Viewpoint V6 Software. A software solution designed to reduce costs, streamline workflow and ultimately make every project more profitable.

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