Construction Document Management

Efficient document handling for saving time and money

Document Management is a state-of-the-art productivity module that compliments the Viewpoint V6 Software® suite as an efficient way to link documents and images to V6’s data records. By attaching and indexing files directly to data and reports, you can significantly reduce storage space and save critical staff time spent digging through stacks of paper files and folders.


  • Quickly link documents and images to V6 data records. 
  • Easily locate documents using Google-like text search. 
  • Reduce postage and paper handling. 
  • Increase sustainability by eliminating paper files and documents. 
  • Increase team productivity – categorize related documents by jobs, phases, project manager, etc.

Following are the efficient, intuitive features of Document Management designed to greatly improve your productivity.

  • Scan, index, and associate document images to data with one simple click. 
  • Easily scan consecutive groups of documents – invoices, PO’s and receivers – and hold in temporary directory. 


  • Increase security and scalability by storing documents in a separate database allowing independent security, back-up and full-text search of critical data. 
  • Upload PDF files and view in V6 - attach transaction documents to existing data records and create annotations and overlays. 
  • Easily send email and multiple attachments into the V6 document repository, automatically indexing them individually. 

  • Perform full text searches and index Outlook emails attached to V6. Emails and attachments are indexed separately and all attachments include text search features. 
  • Find documents, emails and attachments with Google-like text search. 
  • Easily search and locate documents and images based upon indexed key fields Ex: Vendor, Job Number, Employee, etc.

Creating and Sending
  • Create documents on the fly based on configurable Microsoft® Word™ templates and automatically mail merge information from the originating records. 
  • Send documents via email and have V6 scan for responses in Outlook. 
  • Send revised attachments and documents on same thread automatically back into the repository with index and search capability. 
  • Routing and Reviewing 
  • Create distribution list for documents and provide notifications for reviewers on approvals/feedback due. 
  • Configure routing and review statuses to match workflows.

Document Management is a key module of fully integrated Viewpoint V6 Software. A software solution designed to reduce costs, streamline workflow and ultimately make every project more profitable.

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