Construction Imaging by Viewpoint Construction Software

Construction Imaging® Enterprise Content Management

Content management efficiencies for driving down costs

The reality of today's business is that 70% of the data needed to run your organization is trapped on paper and paper equivalents such as Microsoft® Word™ documents, PDFs and printable forms. The data’s simply not making its way into the critical business systems that need it the most. The resulting “information gap” is costing you lost revenue opportunities, poor customer service, high operating costs and increased compliance risk. The bottom line is that losing control of the constant flow of documents, invoices and project data is not only disorganized, it could have a detrimental effect on your business. Construction Imaging® by Viewpoint Construction Software® is a comprehensive ECM system for digital storage, organization, access and distribution of data and documents. Providing workflow, document management, recognition technologies, storage and archiving, Construction Imaging makes your company more efficient while driving down costs.

Key Functional Areas Include:

  • OCR/ICR - Automated and Intelligent capture to eliminate the time consuming task of manual data entry.
  • Capture - Batch-scanning that works with many industry-leading scanning technologies to instantly capture images from paper documents.
  • Electronic Smart Forms - Quickly capture, validate, approve, and route form documents with integrated data collection.
  • Document Management - Store all of your documentation electronically in a centralized system.
  • Intelligent Search - Full text search enables end users to search across an entire document repository for key words and phrases found only in the body of images and text-based documents.
  • Workflow Automation - Effective workflow automation removes human error, bottlenecks and other inefficiencies from document-based processes.
  • Photo Management - Provides a way to quickly capture, organize and resize images to fit your business requirements.
  • Email Correspondence Management - Easily capture critical emails, attachments and the entire message thread automatically all within the Outlook environment.
  • Business Application Integration - Integrate content with key business applications such as; ERP, Project Management, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Human Resource Management, and many more.
  • Records Management - Preserve your important content and enforce internal retention policies.