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It’s becoming clear that today’s edge in the Specialty Subcontractor space has evolved from the technology available in this ever-changing information age. Senior managers and newer professionals are looking for contemporary solutions to common project and job issues. We know that subcontracting presents a unique set of problems and complexities. With over 30 years of experience collaborating with Specialty Contractors, Viewpoint Construction Software has a bold perspective on what makes their jobs easier.

Our in-depth understanding of construction heritage and technological possibilities gives Viewpoint the ability to deliver powerful specialty subcontractor software solutions for any mid to large sized business.

With a complete suite of integrated applications for Accounting, Human Resources,  Project Management,  and Service Management - all built on the award-winning Microsoft.Net Framework using the SQL Server, we have solutions to the problems you face.

Here is a sample of the productivity issues common to Specialty Subcontractors and what we have developed to address those issues.

Problem: Using multiple systems for back office functions poses risks to data access and integrity. Problem: I need to reduce overhead associated with managing small jobs.
Problem: It can be difficult to find under performing jobs in a high volume environment.  Problem: I need to be able to track total labor costs in real-time.
Solution: Powerful system architecture behind V6 Accounting, Project Management and Service Management gives clients the ability to setup and configure additional fields and tables beyond standard functionality. Solution: Status reports and updates in the Service Management module help project managers and service managers efficiently create, track and complete work orders. Solution: Analyze jobs by various metrics such as technician, type of work, customer or type of repair through our Business Intelligence module.  Solution: V6 not only gives you the ability capture accurate labor time from the field through our mobile suite, but also allows you to add labor burden and post time on a daily basis independent of running payroll.
Problem: I am concerned about inaccuracies in my workers comp rates.
Problem: It’s crucial that we keep jobs on track to assure profitability. Problem: I need to eliminate shuffling data and entering the same information twice.
Problem: Knowing the true profitability of my service agreements is key to business performance.  
Solution: Job-level templates within V6 Job Cost give you the ability to track insurance rates by class, craft and state. Solution: Job budgets and change orders may be entered directly in Job Cost or imported from various estimating products through the Project Management module. Solution: V6’s Construction Document Management module provides the ability to scan documents, invoices, time cards and change orders and is fully integrated with Project Management and Accounting.
Solution: Profitability reporting for Service Agreements allows you to view all costs and capture all add-on billings related to customer site and customer contract.

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