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For over 35 years the roots of Viewpoint Construction Software have been fortified with strong Pacific Northwest values. Much of that dedication comes from the leadership team who has partnered a deep passion for sustainable and environmentally ethical business with their pursuit for innovative solutions for the construction industry. Always willing to collaborate with customers on resolving any issue, Viewpoint’s executive team is always a phone call away. Get to know us.

Jay Haladay, Chief Executive Officer

Jay HaladayJay attained a BA in Economics and an MBA from UCLA before joining IBM in 1974, where he held a number of sales and management assignments in Los Angeles and Virginia during his 10 year career with IBM. Digital Systems capitalized on his talents by naming him President in 1984, evolved into a division of Convergent Technologies and later part of Convergent Business Systems, a Unisys subsidiary. Jay led these organizations before forming Coaxis to purchase them from Unisys in 1990.

Jay’s association with the construction software market dates back to 1983. As a consistent innovator in applying leading-edge technologies to address the industry's unique business problems, Jay is often sought as a subject matter expert for trade and industry organizations, and was recently awarded Technology Executive of the Year 2013, by the Technology Association of Oregon. Jay was able to pull together his many experiences in the development of RiverEast Center, a Gold LEED Certified building that serves as the Portland, Oregon headquarters for Viewpoint Construction Software. He is passionate about building a strong management team for Viewpoint that unites a vision that both customers and employees can gain from. Born and raised in Los Angeles, golf, snowboarding and cycling occupy free time outside of raising a dynamic, interesting family. His two oldest sons, Scott and Miles, are both active in the company.

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Jim Paulson, President

Jim PaulsonJim brings nearly 30 years of product development, operational, sales, and strategic marketing leadership and experience across North American and International markets. He joined Coaxis, parent company of Viewpoint Construction Software, in January 2008 and serves as the organization’s President. Jim brings an intense customer focus and a reputation for strong strategic planning and operational execution to Coaxis, which is a fast growing, industry leader of construction ERP software serving mid-to-large commercial construction companies in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Jim most recently came to Coaxis from the General Electric Company, where he served as General Manager for the Intrusion Security Group from 2004-2008. At GE, Jim led the global engineering, design and manufacturing of high tech security electronic hardware and software and was responsible for over $200 million in annual revenues.

Prior to joining GE, Jim held a variety of sales and marketing leadership roles including Director of Marketing for Interlogix which grew from being a $50 million U.S. based manufacturer into a $650M global leader over the seven year period he was with them - and was eventually acquired by GE. Jim holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and MBA from the University of Oregon.

Ben Ertischek, Chief Financial Officer

Ben ErtischekBen attained a BA in Political Science and Economics from Princeton and a MBA from NYU’s Stern School.  After a couple of years with Deloitte and Touché working in Manhattan, he left heading West to join Xerox Corporation working in their Seattle office.  Over almost a 14 year span at Xerox that moved him back and forth across the country, Ben held positions in a wide variety of financial management roles.  Position included Region Controller, Senior Treasury Manager, Division Finance Director, and Director of Mergers & Acquisitions.

Although born in Washington DC, Ben was raised in Alaska. After multiple coast to coast moves, he knew the Northwest was where he wanted to live.  Although he spent almost 16 years working in large corporations, Ben always knew that where he wanted to be was a small to mid size company, where he could daily see how a strong team coming together could successfully grow a business.

Passionate about his four kids, Ben coaches their soccer, basketball and baseball teams and engages in Tae Kwon Do with his two oldest children. When he’s not participating, Ben loves to support the Portland Trailblazers.

Matt Harris, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development

Matt HarrisMatt is responsible for Coaxis strategic growth initiatives. Previously he was Chief Marketing Officer of TigerStop LLC where he helped to lead a turn-around of a factory automation leader through new product development, international growth, and strategic customer initiatives. Prior to this he and his family lived in the Netherlands where he ran, as VP and General Manager, the highest growth division of FEI, a global leader in electron microscopy solutions. In addition, Matt has extensive Strategy, M&A and Operational executive roles with FEI and Planar Systems, Inc. He began his career with General Electric in a technical leadership program.

Matt has been active in the Portland business community and has served on the boards of the Software Association of Oregon Foundation, The Oregon Bioscience Association, The Oregon Innovation Network, the Oregon Technology Awards, and the Stanford Business School Alumni Association.

Matt has engineering and psychology degrees from Cornell and his MBA from Stanford University.

Scott Haladay, Managing Director, Australia

Scott HaladayScott has consistently honed his highly process-driven way of thinking since he won the Computer Science award upon graduating from Georgetown. He's used to running time-sensitive implementations for logistics businesses that operate 24/7.  In these environments careful planning and solid execution are necessary to hit extremely narrow time windows to minimize operational disruptions.  He is passionate about creating efficient process to get customers running Viewpoint V6 Software as quickly as possible.

To do so, he spends time cultivating a responsive team ready to travel across Australia to meet Viewpoint customers' demanding needs. Scott doesn't rest until companies are realizing the ROI of Viewpoint's products.

Cycling, running and travel occupy his time outside of Viewpoint.  On any given day you may find him running The Tan in Melbourne, cycling along the bay or slipping off to a different southeast Asian island.

Rob Humphreys, Vice President of Product Management

Rob HumphreysWhen Rob first joined in 1981, the use of software to automate business processes was very new and most customers had little experience with technology prior to installing our software. Over his more than 28 years focused on the construction software market, he has developed a keen sense for what customers need from their software, and how to stay current in a climate of rapid change. He's led Viewpoint's development team since 1990 and the development of one of the industry's first WIndows/SQL server product. Seeing how Viewpoint V6 Software helps companies address real-world business issues gives him great satisfaction and the motivation to continuously improve the product.

If he could, Rob would like to talk with Leonardo DaVinci, someone he feels was hundreds of years before his time, about his ideas and how he saw the world. Somehow, Rob just might infuse some of that thinking into the work he does at Viewpoint.

When not devoted to technology, you'll find him either sailing the lakes and rivers of Oregon and Washington, backpacking in the wild Northwest, or skiing down the nearby slopes in winter.

Maury Plumlee, Vice President of Sales

Maury PlumleeMaury left the University of Oregon with a Political Science degree thinking he wanted to pursue law. But it was a computer science course at a community college in 1980 that captivated his attention. And he never looked back.  Beginning as a sales representative trainee he opened the first office outside Portland - in Seattle - where he established a solid operational base before doing the same in Chicago two years later. It was there he developed one of the most successful regions for the company where today 10 of the top 20 Chicago area contractors use Viewpoint to run their businesses.

Today, Maury has direct responsibility for North American sales of all Viewpoint product lines.  This includes the company’s flagship Viewpoint V6 ERP product suite, Construction Imaging content management solution, Mobile Field Management, and its newest member of the VCS product family, Viewpoint for Project Collaboration.   Maury leads a team of 60 sales professionals, as well as a growing network of business partners throughout North America and Australia.

Maury enjoys quality family time with his wife and three grown sons, as well as fitness training, basketball and golf.

Andy Cameron, Vice President of Software Development

Andy Cameron, Director of Software DevelopmentAndy is an award winning technologist, a patented inventor with a flair for creative and efficient solutions and a leader of high performance tech teams. Andy has over 25 years of progressive technology management experience with both start-ups and international Fortune 500 companies, with a proven track record of innovative, scalable and resilient solution delivery in both environments. Andy’s extensive experience in software development, project management, merger & acquisition and international multi-site development serves Viewpoint Construction Software well as they continue to expand both domestically and abroad.

Prior to coming to Viewpoint, Andy was Director of Global Financial Systems at Amazon and was responsible for the AP/AR, accounting, reporting, audit, performance measurement and planning systems for their global finance operations. Andy also oversaw the financial systems integration for numerous product lines including Kindle, MP3, Mechanical Turk and new lines of business such as AmazonFresh and AWS.

Andy has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He also holds certificates in Human Resources and High Performance Teams.

Andy enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, walking with his dogs, exploring new places, volunteering at church, helping out in the classroom, flying kites, boating, debating movies and learning new things.

David DeRego, Vice President of Global Marketing

David DeRegoWith now over 22 years in the construction software industry, David graduated with a BBA in Marketing and Management from the University of Portland. His first years were spent at Timberline - now Sage - before joining Viewpoint in early 2009.

He's worked every aspect of marketing from product to customer services to communications, and as consummate collaborator, David is passionate about leading a robust marketing team to tell Viewpoint's story.

The fifth generation born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, David stayed in Portland after he met his wife at the University of Portland. He now spends free time keeping fit, camping and watching his five children compete in a myriad of sports. A little known fact is that his great, great, great grandfather from Portugal invented the Ukelele.

Mary Carvour, Vice President of Global Human Resources

Mary Carvour

Mary has long been fascinated by the characteristics that can make one organization successful while another is not.  Over time, she came to the conclusion that one of the most important factors in this equation is an organization’s ability to promote a culture where people are valued.  People with the talent,  passion, and commitment to carry the business forward are essential to achieving business results, and such people have a choice about where they work.

Early in her HR career, Mary attempted to recruit a candidate who was currently working for another firm in the same industry.  He told her that he was treated so well where he was that nothing her company could offer him would persuade him to leave.

That statement was for her the start of a career-long commitment to understanding the factors that create a true “employer of choice” and helping the organizations in which she worked to embody those principles.  Over the years, she has worked in a variety of business disciplines but has always come back to human resources management as the profession where she believes she can most make a difference.

Mary earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management early in her career followed later on by an MBA in Marketing.  She has worked for large organizations such as Quaker Oats and PacifiCorp as well as smaller, entrepreneurial firms such as Coaxis/Viewpoint where she continues her mission to emphasize the “human” in her practice of Human Resources.  

Steve Meadows, Vice President of Client Services

Steve MeadowsSteve Meadows manages Viewpoint Construction Software’s key customer facing departments - Professional Services, Customer Support, and Learning Services. He has been in customer support and services roles at the VP level for over 14 years. Insisting that all of our customers experience the best possible service and support, he ensures that businesses are taking full advantage of Viewpoint’s growing product line. Meadows has a wealth of experience working with international markets so he instills a global perspective in managing and enhancing Viewpoint services and capabilities. Having traveled to every populated continent in the world, Meadows shares a unique perspective on international culture and weaves his experiences and knowledge into his leadership and customer support philosophy.

A graduate of California State University, Long Beach, Meadows spent many years working and living in both Southern and Northern California. Married for almost 30 years, he has two children completing degrees (undergrad and masters) at universities in California. When not in the office helping customers get the most from their Viewpoint experience, Meadows enjoys travel and learning the history of the world’s diverse and fascinating cultures, so to gain a better understanding of the human experience.

Bill Berendes, Director of Customer Support

Bill BerendesBorn in Chicago, Bill somehow always wanted to move west. Proving his ability to ace exams, he started a law degree in Oregon, but decided he could find a better way to invest three years of his time. It was then he joined Supra Products - a family business manufacturer of Real Estate key control systems. Bill has since devoted his time to helping customers from technical to service to field support to training and development. When acquired by GE in 2002, Bill went from a 200-person firm to 300,000 and found himself managing the customer operations organization for his division.

Viewpoint brings him back to familiar ground where he brings both his big and small business experience to build on Viewpoint's already solid support team.

Snow skiing, hiking and cars occupy his time outside of Viewpoint. He's a collector of older cars and found it's much cheaper to acquire one already restored than do it yourself. The nostalgic, ivy-covered outfield walls of Wrigley Field helps Bill enjoy the Chicago Cubs, from whom he's developed his ability to be patient. Very patient.

Trudi Fenster, Director of Professional Services

Trudi FensterFor the past five years, Trudi has been active in deploying Viewpoint V6 Software to our customers in various consulting roles. As Viewpoint has grown, so has Trudi, moving from Software Consultant to Manager of Consulting Services, to her current position, Director of Professional Services. Having started her career in the hospitality industry managing professional teams as a Business Operations Manager, Controller and CFO for sixteen years, she arrived at Viewpoint in 2007 with plenty of experience addressing customer concerns.

Born in Minnesota and raised in Montana, Trudi can be found participating in a variety of outdoor endeavors with her family from running, cycling and hiking to snowshoeing and skiing in her free time. Dedicated to working with people and ensuring their success, Trudi is always ready to share her expertise and leadership by assisting customers with any software implementation question.

Daryl Jenson, Director of IT

Daryl JensonA native Oregonian, Daryl left Oregon State University with degrees in both Computer Science and Business Administration to join Viewpoint more than 30 years ago. In the early days with just 8 people, he enjoyed using all his skills in operating systems, application programming and electrical engineering. Long before networking and the internet, Daryl created "Oscar" (Operating System Changer) and "DJcom", combined with custom data transfer boxes, to transfer data between computers with different configurations. When later faced with porting a library of applications to an entirely new operating system, he created a series of management utilities that allowed the application software to operate relatively unchanged.

As the company grew, he evolved into managing the company's hardware platforms, systems software and technical customer support.  He currently manages an IT staff dedicated to maintaining the internal infrastructure and related technology issues supporting all department and company needs.

The consummate technology junkie, he'd love a chance to spend time with Bill Gates for his vision for making computers ubiquitous for all. When not enmeshed in the latest technology, however, Daryl enjoys playing 6 and 12 string guitars, banjo, violin, piano and mountain dulcimer while squeezing a little camping, fishing and sailing.

Beth Allen, Director of Learning Services

Beth Allen, Manager of Learning Services

Beth Allen, Viewpoint’s Director of Learning Services, is responsible for expanding the skills and knowledge of our employees, partners, and customers. With the growth of the company, Beth and her team develop and integrate Viewpoint’s documentation and learning resources for the entire suite of products. Her passion for learning shows in her work and has been a consistent theme throughout her career.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Beth graduated from Oregon State with a Mathematics Education degree, opening the door to her first career as a high school Math and Computer Science teacher. Taking her teaching and technology skills to the next level, Beth spent 14 years at Intel developing and managing product and technical training before managing Global Employee Learning and Development for Intel University. Prior to joining Viewpoint in 2011, Beth was Director of Training for a commercial real estate company and ran a successful consulting business.

When not working, you can find Beth enjoying time with her husband and two teenage daughters – shuttling between their various sports and school-related activities. Her interests lean towards outdoor activities such as walking the dog, bicycling, skiing and swimming.

Brent Kuenzi, Director of V6 Sales

Brent KuenziA graduate of Oregon State University with a degree in Business Administration and Forest Engineering, Brent started his career as an estimator/project manager for an Oregon based Heavy/Civil contractor in 1980 and was promoted to a Division Manager 2 years later. Intrigued by the evolving role of technology in construction, he joined our organization in 1984 and served in both support and implementation roles. In 1989, he made the switch to sales and achieved consistent success because of his deep construction industry knowledge, excellent people skills and tireless work ethic.

Brent has overall sales responsibility for our flagship V6 ERP software and his background and 30 plus years of industry experience gives him a unique perspective on how Viewpoint software can help construction companies enjoy a competitive advantage.

An Oregon native, Brent loves to hunt, fish and spend time on many of the rivers in our beautiful Northwest. He has a passion for woodworking and is slowly constructing his dream workshop in his garage.

Ryan Randall, Corporate Controller

Ryan RandallAs Corporate Controller, Ryan helps manage Viewpoint’s financial affairs including budgets and forecasts, ensuring strong financial controls and processes operate throughout the business. A true Oregonian, Ryan was raised in Portland and graduated from University of Oregon. Having started his financial career as an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers, he moved on to Radisys, where he served as the Controller for the wireless infrastructure solution provider. There he had the opportunity to travel and work at the company’s offices in Asia and Europe. In addition to his career in Financial Management, Ryan is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Outside of work, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and three young boys, pursuing outdoors fun and adventure. He enjoys water sports and has been excited about getting the boys up to the mountain for some great ski time on the snow. And, like every proud University of Oregon alumnus, he has season tickets for Ducks football.

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